Website Design and SEO Tips


Tip #1: Optimise your website for speed

This is a really important one. I’ve seen many great looking websites out there with all the bells and whistles, but a major oversight is often the page loading speed, especially on mobiles. Even a lot of big brands underestimate the importance of a fast loading website.

A slow site will not only put your web visitors off but it will also be difficult for it to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

A slow website could be down to the way it’s been built, the size of images and the use of too many plugins.

There are a lot of ways to speed up a slow website but one effective way to improve it is by changing your hosting provider.

Tip #2: Niche down your product or service

If you have a product that’s too broad and popular, it will be difficult to rank your website organically at the top of search engines because you’ll have a lot more competition.

If you narrow down your niche, you’ll have much less competition and therefore a much better chance of ranking higher in the search engines.

Your niche could be based on your audience, for example ‘Website Design for Driving Instructors’. Or it could be based on your location, for example ‘Web Designer Harrogate’ or ‘Web Designer Yorkshire’.

It will be much easier to create content around your chosen niche and make it more visible in the search engines. Your targeted audience will also be more likely to buy your product or service.

Tip #3: Optimise your website for mobile

Over half of all Google search visits (56%) take place on a mobile. Many websites perform quite well on the desktop version, but are often really slow at loading on mobile phones.

If you focus on a fast loading and mobile friendly experience, your visitors are more likely to convert to enquiries and sales. Furthermore, Google will also use this as a ranking factor and reward you for having a faster site.

Having a responsive website is the way to go so that your website looks good on all devices and screen sizes. But it’s also a good idea to serve different content for mobiles. For example, you could have a video in portrait or square format so it takes up more of the screen and also one that works with sound off.

Tip #4: Use original and creative photography

If you choose the right stock photos, they can really enhance your website. But having original photos taken by a professional or yourself can add authenticity to your site and give a better feel for your business.

It’s best to go for quality over quantity with images so that you don’t slow your website down.

Tip #5: Use more video on your website

Google and other search engines love video and your customers will probably prefer watching a video instead of reading a lot of text. Adding video to your website will keep your web visitors engaged for longer and this will also provide a positive ranking signal for search engines.

I’ve really noticed that when I include optimised videos on my client’s websites, it really helps them rank better on Google.

Hiring a video company can be very expensive but you could produce your own videos which would probably be good enough to go on your blog. You could even use your smartphone but make sure you use a tripod and good microphone.

Tip #6: Start a blog

A blog is not only a great way to engage with your audience and potential customers, but it also keeps your website fresh and helps rank your site higher in search engines.

It’s best to focus on quality content over quantity and split up your copy with images, infographics and video.

Tip #7: Add interactive elements to your website

Instead of making your whole website interactive, it’s probably better to add interactive elements so that you’re not overloading your website. Here’s some examples:

  • Simple forms
  • Reviews widget
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Private chat and messaging
  • Flipbooks
  • 360º Photos
  • Interactive map

Just make sure that anything you add doesn’t slow your website down and that it works on small mobile screens.


Try these tips one at a time and see how your website improves. If you need any help or advice, please email or call 01423 202183.

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